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A Strong, Professional Team—Background, Qualifications and Track Record 

Tina Jennen MBA

Founder, US Director



As a dual citizen of the US and NZ, Tina has garnered experience between both markets over her 30-year career. Her strong entrepreneurial spirit and portfolio approach incorporates a mix of technology, capability development, and applied learning to strategically position companies to readily evolve.

Tina has more than a decade of independent board experience which spans the governance continuum from for-profit to nonprofit (e.g.; Waikatolink, TECT, Bluelab, Radfords). She also has a wide range of leadership and executive roles in the areas of finance, horticulture technology, and education for complex organizations or groups of companies (e.g.; AWSNA, PlusGroup).

Having survived a near fatal car crash several years ago, after an oncoming car crossed the centre line and broke every limb in her body, Tina demonstrated her fighting spirit and rehabilitated at a rate that astounded doctors. This life changing incident also forced a review of her life goals. Tina has since chosen to focus her energy on more regenerative projects, by looking at how value may be distributed across the whole value chain and rethinking how resources get sourced and replenished.

While she actively supports Ampyl as Co-Founder and Acting Chair, Tina currently also serves as the Executive Director of Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate, the sovereign nation of her Native American Dakota Sioux, supporting the tribal portfolio to become more self-determined and autonomous using social procurement, and other integrated, shared-value business strategies.

Damas Manderson

US Director



Damas Manderson is gifted with a talent for being able to recognize and capitalize upon new opportunities and nascent trends before they fully emerge. When his daughter was born with a rare genetic syndrome, this visionary entrepreneur and committed family man put his property business on hold to move to the USA to seek the specialized medical attention NZ could not yet provide. This led him to research non-toxic wellness options, where he initially identified medicinal cannabis as one potential pathway for long term treatment. 


In 2015, upon returning to NZ, Damas helped a small group of families with special needs children to approach the NZ Government (MOH and Medsafe) regarding the need for and opportunity of medicinal cannabis licensing and education. As there was no policy in place, or R&D standards, Damas and his team first set up Nutraz Ltd, which worked directly with NZ government to define the standards that now form the basis of the current medicinal cannabis licensing regime.   


A few years later, Damas helped co-found Ampyl in order to build value-aligned industry capability. 

Mohini Ha

NZ Director



As a successful property investor, Mohini Ha has also become a dynamic and accomplished individual who has carved a successful path in the fields of human resources and art. Her educational background and experience have equipped her with a diverse skill set that she has honed over the course of her career.

Mohini has held various leadership roles, hence her experience in managing larger teams. This has not only showcased her organizational and managerial skills but also her ability to inspire and motivate others towards achieving common goals.

Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, Mohini ventured into the medicinal cannabis industry. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Mohini finds great joy in connecting with people and making a positive impact on their lives. Her genuine interest in others, coupled with her empathetic nature, allows her to build strong relationships and create meaningful connections.

Her expertise has allowed her to navigate the complexities and the financial aspects of this industry. Coupled with recognizing the importance of providing a quality product and brand, Mohini ensures a strong focus on the success and profitability of Ampyl.

Bastiaan Kramer PG Dip




Bastiaan has an extensive history ranging from managing global clients for Cisco Systems Inc, to leading a significant portion of the largest banking M&A in history. 


Moving back to New Zealand in 2010, Bastiaan reinvented himself and has been scaling start-up companies since. One such company manufactured medical devices. As CEO Bastiaan learned much of the rigors associated with compliance in the medical and pharmaceutical industries before being shoulder-tapped for the medicinal cannabis industry.


Bastiaan quickly developed international relationships with industry specialists in the US, Canada, EU and Australia. Through this relationship network Bastiaan was initially able to secure a definitive and exclusive supply agreement into the EU and UK for New Zealand GACP cultivated medicinal cannabis. This creates a significant competitive advantage that no other medicinal cannabis company in New Zealand can compete against cost effectively.


Subsequently he has signed multiple additional contracts allowing Ampyl to turn into a global supplier of some of the highest quality product on the market today.

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