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Not far from these beautiful blue springs we are delivering New Zealand grown medicinal cannabis to the world, improving lives in the process. 

Our team work with the best cultivators in the country to consistently produce the cleanest and highest-grade medicinal cannabis.


New Zealand has set some of the most stringent quality standards for export of medicinal cannabis. It is our goal to meet and exceed these standards so that you can benefit from the highest quality dried flower available on the market today. 

The CannFX team are striving to unlock the potential of medicinal cannabis by continuously testing new cultivars and improved cultivation methods whilst caring for the land and the environment.



CannFX is part of a licenced medicinal cannabis company based in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Our focus is on ensuring cultivators produce exceptional product and assisting them to unlock export markets.

Our extensive international network allows us to ensure that we combine quality genetics with the latest cultivation technologies. Our products are independently tested by GMP accredited laboratories.


Each cultivator is audited both by ourselves and independent auditors to ensure you get the high standard that you expect. 

CannFX is the largest exporter of New Zealand high quality medicinal raw flower product, accessible to over 170 million people in 2022.

mother nature has answers

New Zealand medicinal cannabis grown to improve lives

CannFX exports a range of high quality THC and balanced cultivars from New Zealand to the expanding global market.

It is our aim to ensure that when our product leaves these sunny shores they become easily accessible to you with the help of your doctor.


Ask your Physician to inform you about our range of products.



CannFX was established in early 2019, with the sole aim of bringing the benefits of New Zealand grown medicinal cannabis to the world.

We are based in the the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand’s horticultural heartland.

From the outset, we believed in leveraging the expertise, strength and long history of success from the Bay of Plenty’s horticultural heritage.

Our micro climate and pristine ecosystem here in the Bay of Plenty is where New Zealand has developed world recognised brands in both kiwifruit and avocado enjoyed all over the world.

Our culture is based on innovation, quality and consistency. 

Our values are honesty, sustainability and integrity.

CannFX is proud of being a part of beautiful Aotearoa, the native Maori name for New Zealand, which literally translates into ‘land of the long white cloud’.


Our product names align with that heritage.

We hope you enjoy the flavours that New Zealand has to offer.



Learn more about medicinal cannabis, and how it works.


Blue Springs, New Zealand


Physicans can access our private portal for detailed product specifications. We are happy to respond to all questions from pharmacies, physicians and patients. Please feel free to contact us.

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